Discussion about Bush cocaine and alcohol addiction

Q: Was Bush addicted to cocaine?

Yes, young Bush was addicted to cocaine and picked up a DUI,
giving him the honor of being the only president to have a criminal
record. (Texas driving record has been erased and is not


link --- August 22 2004

George W. Bush, Jr. has a cocaine problem.

link --- August 22 2004

POLITEX: BUSH HAS FIRST-TIMER MOTHER, 27, IN JAIL FOR TRACE AMOUNTS OF COCAINE. Many Texans who believe Bush used coke before his 28th birthday must consider him an opportunistic hypocrite because he purposely proposed tightening up the drug laws for first-timers in order to win votes when he ran against Governor Ann Richards in 1994. That same year, with the state prisons overflowing, " Richards signed a new penal code whose provisions included automatic probation for first-time offenders caught with a recreational quantity of drugs," writes Michael Daly in Sunday's New York Daily News. Bush was at the time campaigning to get Richards' job, but both he and Richards declined to discuss if they ever used drugs. Bush "produced a survey of Harris County prosecutors that derided the law as "Penal Code Lite."...'Those on the front lines of criminal justice agree with me in describing the new penal code as a joke,' Bush said. 'This survey should give the governor a much needed reality check.' A news report noted that Bush 'told supporters that he thinks individuals must be held accountable for personal behavior.' He did his best to make everyone forget that Richards had doubled the time violent offenders served in prison and was leading the nation in executions. He continued to hammer her for being lite on crime right up to election day. As the new governor, Bush signed a new new penal code that ended automatic probation for first-time offenders," adds Daly.

bettejean --- November 3 2004

Bush AND Cheney have drunk driving records, Bush 3 and Dick 2, I believe.

As a gay American (Christian), I'm sad today beyond words. Tomorrow, as Annie sings, the sun will come up...and we begin the Impeachment Circus. Um, er,...uh, how will this work with John Asscroft in power? He's no Janet Reno! God bless her! stay strong, people!


Ophiuchus --- December 4 2004

bettejean, I'm very impressed by your openness. I just wanted you to know that. Well, I don't know what's so terrible about Bush being on coke. Lots of famous people have had troubles with alchohol and other drugs and it hasn't stopped them achieving great things. I just don't really get why Bush is so bashful about it. It's probably just cowardice. I hate the man, but I would be slightly more respectful of him if he'd say 'Okay, I've tried cocaine. What're you gonna do about it, suckers?' But he won't say that, because he's a freakin' coward. As if that was news to anyone.

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