Discussion about Bush's daughters addiction

Are Bush's daughters addicted to cocaine or alcohol?

Jenna W. Bush, one of President Bush's 19-year-old twin daughters,
was cited for alcohol possession, the Austin Police Department said.
After officers questioned the women and determined they were under the
legal drinking age of 21, the women were issued a "field release
citation," according to a release from the Austin Police Department. The White
House, in keeping with its past practice of not discussing matters
involving the president's two daughters, declined to comment. "We respect the privacy of this young girl so we don't comment on her private life," said Claire Buchan, White House spokeswoman.

Another incident
19-year-old Barbara Bush was cited for using somebody else's
identification to try to buy drinks. The legal drinking age in Texas
is 21


Katie T --- January 20 2005

Who cares if they got caught with drinking underage or having a fake I.D. They are teenagers and most teenagers get caught doing something like that in their lifetime. That doesn't mean you have to spread their business all over the country. No body else's business gets announced to the whole world.

Hayden B --- February 4 2005

I agree with Katie T if someone wants to go out and have a good time when their a teenage let them have their fun life is about living and learning from you mistakes. They shouldn't be critisized just because their dad is the President.

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