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Discussion about George W. Bush as a war criminal

Q: Is Bush a war criminal?
There are only two reasons a country can legally go to war with
another country. One, if the country is directly attacked by the other
country. Two, if the United Nations will agree to do so. None of
those happened. Nuremberg defined attack on a non-aggressing nation
as the greatest  war crime and the source of war crimes, so G. W . Bush is by that definition a war criminal. Bush lied outrageously to the people of
the world in saying that what he did was in support of the United Nations.  


George --- Tuesday, August 3 2004, 22:34

The Iraq war was a gross lie to the American people. It was not in defense of America. This administration obviously thought they could force our culture and democracy on the far East starting with Iraq. With this lie of a \'do gooder attitude\' I believe this American empire is doomed to fail as a few others in history.

M* --- Tuesday, August 3 2004, 22:38

Its a crime of the century the violation of UN rules and regulation, and International Law and order. US and UK just raped the UN and the world people opinion. Shame

Ophiuchus --- December 4 2004

He's a war criminal, all right. It's a shame, 'cause I rather liked the USA until he came along. I only just became an adult, which around here means having to develop a social conciousness and awareness of what's going on in the world. I could have picked a better time to do so. It's too much to ask that ol' President Shrub will be prosecuted for his crimes, because the odds are that he'll win this war, and as Gary Wills said 'Only the winners decide what were war crimes'. Sometimes, I feel ashamed to be a human being. Then again, he probably doesn't count as a human being.

Mike --- December 21 2004

It's no doubt that he's a war criminal along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the rest. It's embarrassing to be an American at a time like this. I sincerely hope the international community understands that the American people aren't the enemy, and that the vast majority of our population would rather help to make our planet a better place to live for our children and our children's children...regardless of religous preference. The similarities between the Bushies and the 3rd Reich are all too aparent, and extremely troublesome. From the first elections that led to the "appointment" of George W. Bush as (president) of the United States, to the attack on Iraq without concrete justification nor approval, to the suspicious turn out of the presidential election of 2004, along with his many uneducated, ill conceived notions about the environment, education, homeland security, etc., etc., etc...a war criminal, certainly. A thief, yes. A liar, yes. A common criminal, yes. What machine put him in this position, and how is he above international law?

Jeehad --- December 26 2004

Let him stay in power.... so hate will flourish.

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