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No More Bush GuestBook


February 26, 2006, 14:23

Sorry the guestbook has been also closed. There were many problems with spammers and I don’t have the time to control this little website.
Let the post below this one be the end of this discussion on this website.

Anyone who wants to continue the conversation can go to any forum like;guest=436321
and express your self to the world there.

I hope someday you'll join us

February 09, 2006, 22:28

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

John Lennon/Yoko Ono


February 09, 2006, 16:03

I personally found this site to be idiotic and one sided,anyone with half a brain wouldn't take this site serious,just some dumb hippy making anti-war statements that (like most liberals) have little to no facts to support their peaceful causes.Do you truely beleave condeming the terrorist would make them stop?..are we talking about the same people that blow themselfs up,because they beleave in their cause so much/hate the western world so much?Open your mind to logic alittle.

Someone could,just as easy make a site showing terrorist murders,and torture,aswell as testimony from living tortured,perhaps some troops at victory.(Funny how you dont have any of those..hmmm)

Point is the only thing this site does is piss people off,or get idiots like yourself to agree with you and tell stupid anti-war or bush jokes,but at the same time what are they doing to make a difference beside bitching with random/scattered facts?

my point is that most liberals are morons that think everything can be solved with peace talks and wags of the finger,or stupid rallies that accomplish little to nothing.

Well seeing as this is a liberal site,it's not fair for me to taint it with anti-liberal talk,so this is the end of my comment.

World News for all...

February 03, 2006, 18:40

For the year 2002 created sovereigns the absolute monarchy state - State Kingdom of Marduk - is at the United Nations, when sovereign absolute monarchy state records registered, when State Kingdom of Marduk proclaims, to basis international right, as intenational state-legally recognition.

The State Kingdom of Marduk, has legally without reservation, international all jedwede public laws, which has more jedweder different state - this state world - in itself. Now to be also explained, in the view of the state Kingdom of Marduk is its developing becoming elitären aristocracy conditions, as it unrestricted possibilities to legally irrevocable titles of nobility be awarded can, where prospective customer openly, however this fundamental in connections with nationalities of the State Kingdom of Marduk in the connection stands is posed.

Furthermore also appropriate medal awards can be brought in most exclusive execution recorded in awarding for circles of acquaintances, which positively bring themselves for the State Kingdom of Marduk in recommendation.

It is international well-known, which are State Kingdom of Marduk, its state territory areas in the region of Europe, however not the European union subordinated are.

Now to the sovereignty area of the State Kingdom is belonging of Marduk to it, these are among other things> Bay. Circle Lindau, Büsingen, Campione near Lugano, Gutenberg near Vaduz, Hamburg free port subsection, Island Helgoland and Dune, island Mainau, island Reichenau, island Lindau, Island Neuwerk and Scharhorn, Jungholz, Kleinwalsertal,, parts of the Saalforste near Salzburg, Seborga close Monaco, City Konstanz, Staufenberg near Grafenhausen, Vatikancity, Verenahof and further international admits. .

The State of Kingdom of Marduk announces the moreover publicly, the state is without reservation after its sets of rules, for the marriage of everyone, in two-relationship legitimized, for this legally irrevocable remote weddings by persons accomplished, which int after.
Yardstick in the marriagable age placed are, and the will for marriage, notarially confirmed recorded furnish.

It is international well-known, the State of Kingdom of Marduk, since the year 2002 has its state-legal acknowledgments in itself, in constant development, this at many states of the world is accordingly managing.

Now who at everyone, in this connection aforementioned, in his interest in a thing is, the establishment of contact can accept head of state over the following residence seat address of the H.M. King Marduk I., which reads as follows:

State Kingdom of Marduk - Gov. PO.Box 1167 D-72001 Tübingen

PS. H.M. King Marduk I. informed you all in the United Nations, the world is under the dictatorship, under Mangement Benedict XVI, G.W.Bush, Chiraq, Blair, Putin, and in cooperation the international criminal activity of the European Union. We inform you, the European Union is a int. high-grade criminal organization, who have the former Germany, Italy, Austria not more a legitimation as Member. The EU is today under the devil dictaturship of Benedict XVI, who is known - that the catholic church - is since more century a war mafia, we have further situation - the vatican is the silent regent of the Iraq war, and worked today with aim - for a war in the iran - this is reality - and the Vatican have a position as devil and peace lobbyist, who have one aim - your sole world dictatur, with his methods - and Putin is a Vatican lobbyist, and a henchman of the Vatican his russian interest.

Further the World is informed, the Russian Federation have not a juridical legitimation in the UN security council, and can not more have the position of the former USSR. Further the World is informed, the former FRG is not more as FRG, and not as State present, and the FRG etc. have not a juridical legitimation as Member in the UN. The same situation is by the Republic Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein. The UN is today a international criminal organization, who Annan and El Baradei worked with mafia methods as international war drivers in the Iraq / Iran / Palestina affairs. The World your problem is the United Nations with your administration, who worked since long time not in neutrality, more under the fascism dictatur, in cooperation of a international criminal dictatur association, her under the group Bush, Sharon, Blair, Chiraq, Benedict XVI, including russian President Putin. Putin is in the Russian Federation a secret people traitor and henchman for his international backround active - this is juridical irrevocable fact. Further we inform you all in the World, the Nobelprice award for Annan and El-Baradei is a award - who arrange the Vatican and his background by the nobelprice organization - the nobelprice commitee is under dictate his background. The Nobelprice award for Annan and El-Baradei is a award, more for the both your international criminal activity in decoration. Reality is, Annan and El Baradaei have the Nobel award, in acknowledgment what both for your lie and deceive the world have perfect proclaim. Annan / El Baradei workend in the UN with mafiamethods in international affairs - this confirm juridical irrevocable the democrat H.M. King Marduk for the int. World association, who proclaim international freedom for the Iraq President Saddam Hussein - the Saddam Hussein indictment is a puppethouse treatise under the dictate the USA / UK and Vatican - we bring in memory, the USA have the people of Hussein, slaughtered posed under dictatorship, and the iraq court in the Saddam Hussain affair, is under the dictatur the USA. The World and the people of Iraq have not a legitimation for a indictment your Head of State.

Further a another affair, the German mädchen Merkel is a wife, who is in least time for your background on tour - for the Vatican, and as world war promotor on tour - Merkel is your election fraud know, and Merkel is not a Bundeskanzler - more a berliner chancellor for the under fraud worked berliner puppet association, who have since 02.Dec. 2002 not more a legitimation as government,and here is Bush, Blair, Ciraq, the EU, UN official juridical informed.

We inform you short in the palestina affair, that the Israel is a criminal occupation power in the territory of palestina - and we can this reality international confirm. Further re. Israel, we have here a situation - who have the founder of the United Nation, here the USA,UK,France,USSR under your criminal dictate, have a territory expropriation - with the Palestina territory 1948 arranged. The Israel Lobby have a territory in occupation, who is thousand percent not a legal israel state territory, and juridical irrevocable a state territory of the Palestina people, and this is reality on basic the int. law. You see in this affair, what the Benedict XVI his puppet merkel, lady Merkel the world proclaim, that palestina is in top urgent obligation for acknowledgment Israel - reality is - the Israel and his Administration have not a juridical legitimation, in the palestina territory for presentation a state in a palestina territory. Israel have not a territory legitimation in the palestina territory, what have the United Nation with criminal methods the palestina peoble your territory occupied.

We confirm the United Nations administration, is a criminal organization since your foundation. The United Nations are not since their establishment in a the position the world again to be arranged, fact is who the passingnesses not to be arranged can, cannot also the future arrange.

The United Nations a international puppet house award become. We give next week a further information.

H.M. King Marduk I.
Head of State
kingdomofmarduk AT

Alec Skelson  [ E-mail ]

January 20, 2006, 22:51

GW Bush, is one hell of a "Crock o' Sh-t", he has a meglomanic, egotistical brain and mouth to match.
If he was concerned about USA - British or Australian forces, he would be in the front line with them carrying a full pack and rifle. But "Sh-t for Brains" has it all sewn up, he's "THE PRESIDENT", but I'll bet he's the first in line for a "Combat Medal".

From a Veteran.
Malaya Singapore Borneo.


December 29, 2005, 04:40


Pat Robertson said that all these earthquakes and hurricanes we’ve been having are indications of the second coming. To which President Bush said, why would Santa Claus be coming around Halloween? It doesn’t make any sense.

Harriet Miers told the "New York Times” that President Bush is the most brilliant man she knows. And Vice President Dick Cheney is the greatest athlete she’s ever met.


December 29, 2005, 00:30

did you know that condoleeza rice is betraying her ancestury cluture? because %99.99 of all africian americans vote democrat but that black bitch is with the dubya! WTF?! well it is like 12:30 fucking AM and I have to go take a shower so FUCK U BUSH! YOU CONSERVATIVE BASTARD!

Jojo  [ E-mail ]

December 28, 2005, 21:51

I am glad, that have seen this site. It was pleasant to me. I congratulate all happy New Year! Health, successes, love and happiness!


December 23, 2005, 14:33

The idiots are the same on both sides. If you think you can make peace by bombing you are one of them.


December 22, 2005, 22:28

why dont a lot of people condem the islamic extremests, who are targeting cilivans, i can tell you why, because people are stupid as hell.

remeber all of those who go into the dark to keep us safe

International Rodeo war specialist

December 19, 2005, 13:37

G.W. Bush - junior - President of the United States,
International Rodeo war specialist,

Bush, one must bring you times back the following in explanation, it gives many humans as you, who take yourself much to important, looks however times into the directory, there gives it many humans with a character, and has a better soul, and is not as war wantoness and criminally as you, and does not need not the world-terrorizing terror as you it produces. Bush, your salient words, to Iran and Iraq one hears your quaken in the world, your terrorizing war wantoness nature and your Rodeo, one you already as the new Adolf Hitler designated, and it was not denied by you, the truths was not one denials.

Now Bush was, your father a man, you against it still the child of parents, where by the father and the nut/mother one leads and one fixes, also in the view at world terror to arrange has. G.W.Bush junior, you to in July 1946 born, you was nevertheless still another child, and has zero notion, which was fixed in such a way in Europe concerning IITH world war, also from the USA everything, and you should take times to the knowledge, naturally also America criminally at the Jews in Europe enriched yourself, and remember, what the Americans with net assets of the Jews, so everything the American government, as their own criminal machinations the Americans do not want to know their OSS, which machinations operated, today any longer, and today like cynics in the Jew affair from at that time in reproaching to place, around the passingnesses of its criminal machinations of the Jews those they also with the Vatikan fixed - no more not to admit to want.

G.W. Bush junior, you must argue with the passingnesses of the truths, who are fixed Holocaust a real actual fairy tale narration, naturally gave it places where actions against Jew platziert here and there happened, however the truth is, it is only one hypothesis numerical value, where at Jew destructions was in circulation placed - and the Iranian president Ahmadinedschad spoke the truth, the Holocaust a high-representative fairy tale until remained today fixed dictated in such a way.

G.W.Bush, you must still many historical passingnesses, learns, what happened before your life, and remembers, the Americans supplied the Vatikan with Jewish fortune, and you should know, the author and regent of the world wars, the 1. like 2. Even if the Vatikan was, so relative with the Jews in the middle east as war drivers in the background it holds itself for the Iraq war, and now the Vatikan and Sharon now against Iran like a patient cynic acted, it that it is the world terrorist and war driver, or looks it points nevertheless back, in which, here the Israeli Jews pointed developing history out of the arguments with Palestine nevertheless exactly, the Jews to those out from Palestine, acts subordinated, where the Jews were actually the authors - like that it is dear Bush, are might also Sharon that to the knowledge have taken - it both no gentleman Gods - separates the world terrorists number 1 where the world certain things _ subordinate, and you the problem the community of states be, not the Iraq, neither Iran - it since all the truthful specialist the world peace - Sharon like Bush, indeed war criminal be, they go in the Hague before the war crimes tribunal, and the world stand under delay, the from the Balkans in the Hague arrest free let, including Saddam Hussein also in addition.

In all other respects is also times avowed, which may take nevertheless Israeli government under Sharon the truth to the knowledge, their own people wants no more among the aggressors of their government locally to live, media reported nevertheless already on the escape of the Israeli Jews locally, to Sharon runs away its own land people, then nevertheless today already the situation is there, it Israeli Jews, it should Palestine nevertheless vacate, it not territory the Jews of the modern times.

Bush, then I must you as the head of state H.M. King Marduk Ith both head of state S.M. Professor Dr. G.W. Bosch times which loud into your ear roar, Sharon experience it surely over its world-wide secret service and telecommunications hearing agent, which one writes here - all may know it, Bush/Sharon take simply to the knowledge - the Jewish Mossad in wartime, how also zionistische organizations were accomplices where the Jews themselves around their fortunes from at that time brought, and remembers them also, the truth is also that 1944 the SS guidance of the Germans co-operation with the Jewish Agency on a large scale cooperative was operated - and thinks it of it, the American in the USA well-known, the attorney/CIA director Allan Dulles bought at the time at that time of election results with Nazi funds where belonged to the Jew.

A further Bush, takes the explanation to the knowledge - which Jews already operated their own crimes like ill cynics in mutuality, and remembers them also the Jew destructions from at that time - absolutely in the interest of the military interests of the USSR had been, or thinks it the affairs Jaac van hard ones, in truth the Jew Jacques Jules Levy was, and with the Mossad cooperatively its nuisance against Jews produced.

Bush thereby also pointed out the USA already in the view Germany/Judaism criminally engaged, or think them which US secret service CIA in Iran fixed, already at that time the CIA the Iranian Prime Minister Muhammad Mossadegh 1953 disposed, or how into Guatemala the democratic government of Jacobo Arbenz fell the USA with the help of the CIA, those the USA nevertheless their dictation world-wide criminally up-dictated - here and there world-wide acted, to kill, it leaves the world terrorists number one nevertheless is - and think it which the USA in Germany to have niedergemetzelt and them are knowing that the Jew problem took place and Hitler\'s guidance at Jew destruction on behalf Vatikan, and which was not Jew destruction the reason, here war in To lead Europe to make but for the Germans their resource for always broken - and the Holocaust assumptions only in addition serves, the German people to today with this Jew destruction thesis z farmhands, and the Holocaust a fairy tale narration actual that must the world times by truth recognize.

Bush, a further in addition - your father G.W. Bush is a servant of the Jews, who from the range the park East synagog is incurred the loss in New York, and Bush senior as advisors operated - one recognizes this - read it the Internet side:

http://www. appealofconscience .org/ WEBSITE_LIVE/ officers-trustees.htm

and one understands thus, the Bush fixes on behalf the world Jews, only the interests of the Jews, which wants to degrade the world under their dictatorship under its frauds and world terrorism, and Annan participate actual or remembers her of the fraud where in Berlin went off to define humans becomes from Russia to Berlin transferred, who the Jewish faith up-marked, which specializes Central Council of the Jews in it, to ethnic Germans Jews and whom Jews optimize thus their cash situations, and Germany, also are probably-knowing like that Bush fix to its state-legal acknowledgment, and the Occupation Germany with date 02.12.2002 recognized, for this to 23.12.2002 the document of the diplomatic note - notification under register No. 07502430457DE those Administration white house in Washington for Bush in receipt took, stamped the entrance document was confirmed with stamp > White House Office - Washington DC... < and since 02.12.2002 the Federal Republic of Germany stopped having their existence authorization - Bush may you the facts nevertheless from its secret archives get and to you also openly put, which also Kofi Annan and the world is knowing.

G.W. Bush junior, and Sharon nevertheless god like humans its, and also around-carry for the Bible brillancy, may them open nevertheless the Bible break, study them under Romans 1:22 which written stand there - and it should recognize they should know which status in the world now to have, and them that Jews kill specialized also lynching are, and, and in India under its dictation of hundredthousands of humans to kill left its Jew Rufus Isaacs, which was under the name lord Reading, he the inventor concentration camps, and those life rubbed out - Adolf Hitler against it only executing aide of the Eugenius Pacelli, the Pope Pius XII. became, Hitler its helper and on behalf Vatikan the enforcement order the Jew destruction got - and the Holocaust a fairy tale at numerical values actual these furnaces of the time at that time, each mathematician, explained today, to confirm knows, who could not be killed millions at human lives.

One tried to document facts at truths in all openness the world became for decades in the topic - world war emergence, Jew destruction betrogen and deceived. Bush junior, opens your eyes tending to the truth, and who wants to be formed as you with the Bible in the hand the world beautifully, world terrorism off stands turns into you, also you is not infallible, explains the war in Iran as terminated, and does not put your efforts at terror against Iran off in such a way becomes you in America and in the world the superhero and one gives here the Nobelprice committee in Oslo already today the recommendation - for G.W.Bush under delay, puts your criminal actions and. Bush must be awarded the world peace price immediately in an extraordinary meeting by the Nobel committee.

Bush junior, then points to the world out, the United Nations, this institution as organization, must totally new arranged be reformed - if you do not know as functioned - in such a way can one it to you say - over of your Agnosie to comprehend, also the same for Israel applies, where the world its rogue state number 1 knows actual and no nevertheless world orders - so up-to-date Sharon their criminal criminal qualification at wantoness at destruction ideologies openly put - it is nevertheless all-side today still like that - to Jews among world Jews a suicidal absent-mindedness [Zerstrittenheit] in itself has - to kill wherever its philosophy actual has now Bush, it you the head of state S.M. Professor Dr. G.W. Bosch and the head of state H.M. King Marduk I. the truths written.

Bush, remembers - put your self glorifications down, one gives into Oslo the recommendation regarding the immediate Nobel peace price award - and you will see - you became real the superman of the world and then a statesman and arising, if you become your rodeoharte criminal activities placings, and Bush remember also the Iranian president Ahmadinedschad also like I only the truth speaks - and to the conclusion the case Susanne Osthoff, this is nevertheless an act of the Jewish Mossad fixed, and also this is instrumentalisiert its purpose only to the world instigating, and Bush carries provides for it, it your joy now concerning Saddam Hussein had, it is delivered a lynching procedure and look nevertheless back, how many US presidents have in Vietnam many worse acts carried out, and do not sit not on the dock - Bush, also we can save still to the Saddam Hussein from this lynching law court in Iran, we could it to basis international right, whom status to the international immunity gives, it require only one signature and stamping, thus would be Saddam Hussein any longer ancestor complainable, Saddam of a lynching affair subjected, may not the world and Bush junior recognize. Bush a last word into your ear roared - explain the Iraq war for terminated and you the hero of the Americans will become, and do not recognize also your own US citizen want not the war in the Iraq neither in Iran, remember wars lead make no sense.

Best greetings to Washington and into the world sends

H.M. King Marduk I.
Head of State - Kingdom of Marduk
Residence seat address: Gov.P.O.Box 1167 - Europe Place 2
72001 T&#65533;bingen a.N.


December 07, 2005, 12:49

There are hundreds of countries where the government is killing innocent people just because they have different opinions.
Why is the reason Bush went to Iraq?
To help some 20% of Iraq people because he loved them so much?
Do you think democracy can be dictated the way Bush does it?
How many % of the Iraq people are glad the Americans are there?
Have you ever heard how the election was manipulated “again” in Florida?
How many of the counties in Florida had errors in the electronic voting machines? One county with 1500 citizen had 4000 votes for bush reported by the electronic voting machine. Show me one reason why I should like Bush?

PS: you cannot make the peace by bombing dude. So much money is gone in weapons and bombs, so many lives gone. If you would take the money spent on all the bombs and just give them to the Iraq people they would be the richest country in the world and no one from there would ever want to fight. Or you could just buy the oil for the America for several years.
PSS: I think Bush is the worst president US ever had. Look at the economics; everything is going down because of this man.

Sorry about my English dude. English is one of the 4 languages I communicate.

fuck you

December 07, 2005, 11:18

man, fuck you whoever made this site. you dont know shit about shit, and you would never, NEVER be able to control a country, especially not USA as well as George Bush. As so many others have sed, where are all the pictures of all the thousands tortured and killed by Saddam?!?! and so what if there are some collateral damage, the end justifies the means u fucking idiot.


December 07, 2005, 08:43

Will everyone please note that many of the pictures of soldiers and other (non-prisoner) photos are exactly the same as from the Gulf War. The gas masks give it away right off. Those are masks that were phased out SEVERAL years ago. The ones used now are a single-face-window, not a goggle-type. There are others that were posted in news mags and on-line in 1992, and 1993. They are NOT from this War on Terrorism.
Also, reguarding the beaten-to-death prisoner photo: it was never found that he was beaten helplessly while tied up. There were some prisoners that tried to escape, and got violent even when told to remain seated on the aircraft when being flown into Guantanimo.
I find it funny how those who claim to be standing up for truth twist the truth around for their purpose just as much as politicians do.
You should run for public office, dude - you might win considering your ability for double speak, and INability to use the English language properly. (Sounds familiar? Like your description of George W!)


December 02, 2005, 14:17

why are most of you people who comment here, giving fuel for the islamic extremests fire. do you people not know what the truth is that these people kill any buddy. even you. so i think you should wake up and smell the fucken coffie here.

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