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No More Bush GuestBook

Gabriel Griffith

August 03, 2005, 20:14

One more thing Bush. you never showing up for duty in Vietnam tells us something. You'll declare war to make yourself look good. But your to afraid. If you were one of the soldiers fighting you couldn't do it. You would not be able to look the devil and Hell itself in the eyes. think about it Bush, just think about it.

Gabriel Griffith

August 03, 2005, 20:03

why bush,
i just stare at you and ask why. why are we in Iraq? They have done nothing to us, is it for the political look or are you just trying to recreate what your father started. I might be young and you would probably think i'm some idiot who knows nothing. but your wrong, your wrong about everything. you get my cousin killed,you get my brother killed because you went to Iraq. go over their and see what you have done. look at the Hell you have unleashed upon this earth. I sit their and think of what has happened and why your here. everyone is here for a purpose I don't know why I'm here but your here to show that one person can cause a world of hell,misery, and sin. I wish I could say more but I'm out of space to write.


July 22, 2005, 17:37

George W Bush>>

ha ha :)

George W Bush

July 22, 2005, 16:23

I'll tell you one damn thing you stupid mother fucking free loading son of a bitch. When I say peace to all, I mean peace to all. I am a peace president and if it means going to war to get rich on oil, I mean to obtain world peace from terrorism, then by damn that is what I will do. Well, I mean, I won't fight in the war but I will have other people do it so we can enjoy world peace.
Peace to all. I have to go talk to God now.

George W Bush>>

July 21, 2005, 16:02

George W Bush>>
Peace to all?
You mean peace to all by throwing bombs? Or creating terrorists from before totally peaceful people?
Be careful, because one day when you will open your eyes you could be unpleasantly in shock with your self.

George W Bush

July 20, 2005, 12:12

While you people are way too busy making total asses of yourselves, the better people are winning the good fight.
Peace to all.

Another proud American

July 09, 2005, 20:48

I tell you what you fucking foreign ass rag headed bitch. FUCK YOU AND FUCK ALL FOREIGNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiss my fucking ass you raghead bitch.

Proud American

July 09, 2005, 19:09

Fuck you and all of the other Lebanese rag heads in the world. Oh yes, and fuck your hero George W Bush too!

Alicia  [ E-mail ]

July 09, 2005, 17:29

Im from Lebanon and i love the us president Bush he is the greatest !
fuck you all

steve  [ E-mail ]

July 09, 2005, 09:32 i say we go over and worship and bring the power of god down so strong that they want have to lay down to think they are in gods presence but god will knock them to the ground and they will know they are in gods presence then we can pick and choose pick and choose you got that rose ready yeah boss its right here i think we got us a hot rod lincoln.


July 08, 2005, 18:31

We need to kill as many terrorest as we can, and when we are done with them we need to kill their famelies to be sure no new anamils will come for us. These are not people they are ANIMALS, if you don't believe it you go to Iraq with your stop the war bullshit and see how fast they cut off your head. Anyone who believes that these people are true muslems is a complete fool they do their deeds in the name of islam to mask their true cowerdas they are all worthless and need to be KILLED

see this

June 02, 2005, 02:46

Paste Video link into Browser

Prophet Yahweh summons UFO for News Media

Charles in a RED RED RED State  [ E-mail ]

May 07, 2005, 13:03

George W. Bush is the worst president in the history of the United States. He is a murderer, a liar and he only gives a fuck about his wealthy friends and their fucking corporations.
Why have we not found/killed Osama Bin Laden?? Maybe because the Bush and Bin Laden families have been friends way too long to let a little thing like 9/11 fuck up their relationship.
Bush is a Cunt and we Amercians are too fucking busy watching a "runaway bride" and the Paula Abdul "scandal" to even pay attention to how badly we're being fucked by Bush and the rest of the upper 1%.
Fuck Bush.


April 15, 2005, 08:09

FUCK that mother fucking piece of shit George W. Bush.
I hope the son of a bitch dies a slow and very painful death and that he burns in hell for what he has done.
I hope that his daughters get raped and that he has to somehow watch it happen. FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan Kolenko

April 08, 2005, 03:38

Joe Haynes>>
Well that means you must be an American Indian or Native American, right?
I wonder why there is so small number of you as the American Indians.

Again not heroes! The rest of the world hates you. And soon you will not be able to go on vacation anywhere. Only friends you have are the army contractor companies who will murder anyone for money. Remember how the war in Iraq started? The only guy who had the WMD info “killed him self”. It was a set up and Americans are fighting on the wrong site. Truth will always shows up and you and your kids will live in shame and worry for rest of your lives. Good lock on keeping your tourists safe.

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