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No More Bush GuestBook

Short Dog

December 23, 2004, 18:08

Our nations "leader" is a lying piece of shit and everybody knows it. I would like to see his stupid ass fighting in Iraq right about now. I would really like to see him get his fucking ass kicked in any battle for that matter!


December 09, 2004, 15:14

James, yo are a total Knobface.

Only for the Demacrats there would be no civil rights

The other party are a dirty crowd


December 04, 2004, 22:24

Dear Americans
You have great reason to be alarmed at the current direction of your great nation. The current administration has taken a budget surplus to stupendous new heights - a number approaching half a trillion dollars.
So what? Well, it means you are spending WAY more than you earn. This is financed by borrowing. You now owe the rest of the world a vast sum of money. And rising.
Your are likely to see a cycle where economy declines, and your dollar falls. The more it falls, the more you owe.
The bottom line..Mr Bush will see the end of US world domination. There go your jobs. And his beloved terror on terror. Ooops, sorry, that's terror on war. Or is it war on war. Sorry, I get confused.


December 04, 2004, 22:02

Hey, james, don't worry. If the place is occupied by people like you I'd rather stick my foot in a bacon slicer. Anyway, since it's clear that no-one here wants you to stick around, how about you get back to hitting yourself over the head with a carrot or whatever it is you foul-mouthed weirdos do with their time.


December 04, 2004, 08:15

Hey Ophiuchussy, Please do not come here to America! The majority of us do not want you "aussies" gagging us with you're stupid ass ideology. Just stay in Australia and molest kangaroos. WE don't want you here and we are'nt coming there! We're closing our borders, don't even think about it! We are not going to let Bush hating dumbacrats transform our country into a sociolist state. We love free enterprise and capitalism. Stay away!!!!


December 04, 2004, 03:32

Oh, and james? If you haven't got anything intelligent to say, I suggest you go away and stop wasting people's time. If you intention is to show how great Republicans are, you're failing badly. Thankyou.


December 04, 2004, 03:21

I very much appreciated this site. I'm not an American, but this means I view American affairs from the perspective of a different country. Albeit one which has sold out to this sorry moron in the worst way, because our own leader is not very different at all. That's right, I'm an Australian, and our Prime Minister is an inhuman jerkoff with no more personality than a semi-cooked egg noodle. I think you'll find a lot of other Australians agree with me.
Anyway, in this day and age it's very easy to start hating America for all the horrible things that've come out of it. And I'm not just talking about movies by Jerry Bruickhiemer. Then I find a site like this which reminds me that, in fact, Americans aren't their President. It keeps me sane, and I thank you for that.
However I regret to tell you that there is quite a bit of anti-American sentiment over here in the capital city. Whenever I hear it I remind them that the Americans are a great people who've just had the misfortune to elect an arsehole as their leader, but I sometimes feel I'm not being listened to.

Impeach Bush

December 02, 2004, 21:04

Impeach Bush


November 25, 2004, 17:43

Been a long time since anyone has anything to say! G.W.BUSH WON and that's all folks! Jealous dumbacrats! No more dumbacrats! The party is dead! I HATE liberals! Time to shut this stupid ass site down! I wish JEHOVAH would come up with a disease that would only KILL liberals! I hate liberals! I hate pornagraphy! I hate late tern abortion! I hate murderers! I hate child molesters! Liberal democrats love child pornagraphy!

I’m glad to see your opinion here;
anyone can see an example of the “right” intellect.

Holger Struth  [ E-mail ]

November 16, 2004, 09:23

hi nice site peace Holger


November 11, 2004, 23:16

James, you are a moron. Go watch more fox news. Go back to high school you might need a diploma for something in your worthless life


November 09, 2004, 15:53

James, you misguided Wanker.

Don't be a tool all you life!


November 08, 2004, 06:38

Have all you dumbacrats seen the news lately? Job growth is at it's highest in four years, the stock market is at it's highest in 7 months, gas prices are falling and my man PRES. BUSH WON!! You stupid ass dumbacrats don't understand the most important issue is the war against islamic terrorists so that we can all enjoy our freedom to live in this country! Freedom isn't free you stupid ass dumbacrats! Now that Americans control thr house, senate, and the Presidency, we can work to stop late term murder, we can go to ANWAR and drill for oil so we can be less dependant on the middle east. For all it's worth, Americans beat the dumbacrats. If you don't like it go to canada or hell. I really HATE dumbacrats! Oh my goddess I used the h word! SCREW LIBERALS!!!!


November 04, 2004, 17:54

Don't say we didn't warn ye!

I can't beleive that the people voted Bush in after he fucked up everything!


November 03, 2004, 20:02

I'm extremly disappointed. Why John Kerry didn't win is beyond me. Why John Kerry didn't win BY A LANDSLIDE is beyond me. I hate to admit it but half of the voting Americans are STUPID. ...Moral Values????? The economy isn't more important??? ......Let me break it down in simple terms ...Democrats-middle class and lower incomes.....Republicans-rich. THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS,THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!! The reason why the Republcan party still exists is because their so called "other issues" are really PLOYS to get the average American vote and support. Examples .....NRA -the hillbilly vote.... Anti-Abortion- Pious,Christian asshole vote.....Anti-Gay Marriage-Insecure,Homophobic asshole vote. Those are these so called "moral values" that have NOTHING to do with politics,but it worked because MOST Americans are brainwashed....THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN POLITICS IS THE ECONOMY!!!!!!BOTTOM LINE!!!! Ya know ...fuckin money !! Where taxpayers dollars are being spent!! JOBS!! Unless you're born a heir or heiress ...Ya need one!!!! Hello McFly anybody home!......West Virginia,the poorest state in the U.S went to Bush. WAY TO GO!! YOU HILLBILLY RETARDS!!! AMERICA FOR THE MOST PART IS STUPID!

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